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We’re noote&netoo.



Noote&Netoo is a boutique brand and design consultancy in Jakarta.

We help our clients to define their brand, connect with their audience, and grow their businesses. Bringing design and strategy together to provide design-led solutions for a broad range of clients, we make things simple, straightforward, and most of all, fun.

We put our clients at the core of what we do.

Our solutions are built around your businesses, your markets, and the experience you would like your audience to have.


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  • Founded in 2009 by the husband and wife duo Richard and Yuliana, we have since joined forces with our friends, forming a multi-disciplinary team of creative and communication specialists.
    Our diverse academic training and professional experience give us the advantage of seeing things from different perspectives. It gives us the ability to ask different questions and come up with multi-faceted solutions.
    First and foremost, we’re designers. But more than that, we’re a group of friends who have the same commitment to good design and who enjoy working with each other.
    Here are our stories, and we would love to hear yours.

  • Richard's thing is marrying design with great craftsmanship. With a sound background in signage material and production, he specialises in retail and branded environment projects. His extensive design experience and material knowledge comes from working with a wide range of clients in energy, retail, real estate and hospitality. When not making or building useful things for the home, Richard can be found mostly prowling for cool stuff, good shoes and some good laughs.

  • Yuli is a communication designer whose passion is all things design. Well versed in brand development and concept generation, She has worked for major corporate and lifestyle brands, creating all design matters both in identity, print and digital realms. Always quick with a smile, she's the chirpy one whose enthusiasm for life never fails to bring out the positive energy from people around her. When not holding yoga poses or hyperventilating over desserts, she enjoys long swims, serious movies, and cute things in general.

  • Vera is a designer who specialises in brand and design strategy. Her background in branding, print, and typography comes from developing product, identity and communication design for corporate, retail and hospitality brands. Believer of both the cognitive and emotive functions of design, she enjoys designing systems and crafting stories. Other than raking up airline miles, she has a penchant for fluffy animals, good coffee and Eastern European literature.

  • Eli loves spaces. An environmental designer with proven track record in designing residential, hospitality and retail projects, Eli believes that spaces create experiences and in the power of design in transforming spaces into places. Another Noote&Netoo resident yogi, Eli is an onomatopoeia master and a chronic doodler who’s into comics and city-hopping adventures. Most would also agree that Eli’s signature lies in her unmistakable curls. Hippie ways and eighteenth century British literature make Eli happy.




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  • Thank you for a great year, see you next year!

  • Setiadarma house of mask, Ubud

    A thousand collection of mask from various regions in Indonesia. Preparing a photo shoot during a rainy season in ubud.

  • Bumi Segah Hotel

    Photo shooting for the upcoming new website.

  • we're hiring!

    noote & netoo is looking for a full-time
    Graphic Designer to join our growing team!


    A great eye for layout, colour, and typography

    An excellent attention to detail

    Strong knowledge of CS6

    Good communication and interpersonal skill

    A passion for problem solving

    A desire to learn and grow


    Is this you? We'd love to hear from you

    Please send yout resume and portfolio to: careers@nooteandnetoo.com

  • Publico Bistro & Bar

    Our work for Publico has been featured in the Art of the Menu. Thanks for reviewing our stuff!

  • TSDS

    Many thanks to Lovely Stationery for featuring our work for TSDS in their blog!

  • Yes we’ve grown!

    We are delighted to announce the new nooteandnetoo.com, and an official welcome to our new team members: Rowi and Michelle! What’s more: open studio tomorrow in Mall of Indonesia. Hope to see you guys there!

  • noote & netoo in “Designlicious: Gastronomy by Design”

    Many thanks to Basheer Books for featuring our work for Healthy Choice and Oello in their newest publication!

  • Publico Bistro & Bar

    Congratulations to Publico Bistro & Bar Soft Opening! Drink Proud and Drink Mighty!